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Alright, alright, yeah, we actually mean 'street art' when we say graffiti... including stencils, posters, stickers, markers, spray paint art, and even ad fixing...

..whatever medium it takes to get your message or creativity out.


Graffiti Around Taipei


Graffiti is illegal, but we encourage everyone to do it anyway (unless it is also illegal to incite people to spray, in which case we're just joking and we're definitely against graffiti).

Graffiti makes the urban landscape more beautiful than the crappy, dirty, run-down concrete that developers with no humanitarian concerns serve up. Let's face it: we require a 'humane' habitat to live in. We have lived in a beautiful Eden for something on the order of 1,000,000 years, and only within the last 50 years or so have we been herded into these drab, grey, cement horrors called modern cities.

What happens to people's thoughts when they are condemned to living in a grey monotonous hell? (Especially one that is polluted by toxins, noise, and advertising?) Graffiti artists are hoping you'll never have to know.

Graffiti artists are street heroes who risk running afoul of the law to make your world more colorful. We present these photos out of respect for the beautiful images these artists have created. This is real art that deserves to be better known (and of course legitimized).

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...or just stare at this blank white wall that used to be covered with beautiful graffiti and stencil work until the Taipei City Department of Drear painted it white...cultural erasure equivalent to book-burning.

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